Latest News - October 23, 2018


Dear Prayer Partners,

     Please forgive me for being so late with my “latest news” this month.  Your prayers are very important as God alone can do miracles.  Over the past 30 days I have spent a lot of time at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  But, the Lord has also given me many open hearts to lead to Him.  Pray with me for Roy who came to see Joni Eareckson Tada.

      He now openly confesses Christ as his Savior.  He has come with me to a weekly Historic Vehicle Show so we can tell people about salvation.  As I bring him to church Sunday, Roy has begun Bible study and singing to the amazement of all.

     At the first car show, the first couple I met were French !  It was fun to see their surprise when I told them, in their language, why my car says “A Cross America with Christ”.  The very next couple was on a first date and listened to the Gospel and what we need to do about it.  Dominic & Emily ended coming to Grace Chapel the very next day… their second date :-) 

     Another man told me this week that his life has been transformed because we had met… well, actually Jesus met him where he was !  So even if I can’t travel much right now, the Lord is daily bringing people to lead to Him. 

     As I sat between phases of my detached retina exams, three men opened up when I asked about their fears of the future.  By the way, I have never had such an extensive eye exam as at Mayo !  They say I’m “good to go” so if I didn’t have cancer, I’d be on the road again in France.

     The MRI wasn’t so good, so I will be going in for a comprehensive physical and then on November 5th a 24 point biopsy to determine the type, extent and exact location for surgery. 

     I asked if it was okay for me to attend the Workers’ & Elders’ Conference and got the green light.  So off I went in my 1932 Dodge to Kansas for a week.  Notice the 75 mph speed limit ...that my old car can keep up.  I hope I'll be running as well at 86 years of age ;-)

      The WEC was a precious time of fellowship and teaching on the fear of the Lord.  A special treat was meeting up with commended workers Duane & Alice Brown from Iowa as well as Lorraine from the Navajo Nation …not to mention so many from Florida to Connecticut.  It was a rare blessing since I am usually back in France at this time of year.

     In Phoenix it’s been a joy to hold the weekly men’s Bible study in my house.  So I again ask prayer for the four who attend as we go through Hebrews to see the superiority of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

     Pray with me also for Elijah who wants to know God’s will for his life.  He's the one I mentioned some time ago who said, "I want to become a Christian" after we attended a Christian concert together.  We talked this time after a Christian film in his home, so he is planning to join me at the car show. 

     Pray too for Mary, another person from the car show who decided to join us at church this past Sunday.  May she find the peace of the Lord that fills our lives.  Jeff & Janie at Grace Chapel have stepped up to lead the way.  I thank the Lord for them and the other men who have "caught the vision" and have gone with me to the car shows so we can lead others to Christ. 

     May the Lord bless you as we are all workers together with Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.

                  In Christ's matchless Name,                                           

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