Latest News - December 7, 2018


Dear Prayer Partners,

     The month of November was like a roller-coaster ride.  While it’s been wonderful to reach people with the Gospel in Arizona, my heart is homesick for France.  After many exams at Mayo Clinic it has been decided that I will undergo surgery on December 20th for “aggressive” cancer.  How true are the words above of President Johnson about Mayo as I count on the Lord to heal me.  The flowers out my window remind me of His faithfulness even in a desert like Phoenix ! 

     Pray with me for France that is being torn apart by riots both over taxes & Islam.

      I know news media don’t dare mention the latter, but if you look closely at this photo you will see faces and facts that tell the truth.  A Sunni call to uprising on YouTube brought the flames to the streets of Paris after a month of peaceful demonstrations against higher fuel taxes.  What France needs most is individuals who turn to Christ.  We need soul winners to bring them to the Prince of Peace. 

     Meanwhile in Phoenix we had special meetings about the Middle East at a Global Outreach Conference with more than 50 missionaries.  It is time to not only pray but to go while we still can.  Please let me know if God is tugging at your heart, so we can pray together about what to do ! 

     My mission field is not limited to France.  Although I have to sit down because I’m weak, we take my 1932 Dodge every Saturday to the car show in Scottsdale, AZ.  There are hundreds of visitors who we speak to about the Lord.  Last Saturday three men spent ½ hour each talking and listening to me. One, a Catholic, had never heard that Salvation was a miracle of New Birth.  Sunday after meetings we did follow-up at Pannera Bread with another Catholic who now has a Bible for the first time.

    The hospital waiting rooms are also full of people with needs and are ready to talk about Jesus… as are gas stations, grocery stores and parking lots.  I plan to pick up Roberto after work today to spend some time talking about faith in Jesus Christ. 

     It was a joy to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-inlaw.  They flew me up to snowy WY and Sara will fly down to be with me for my operation.  That’s a very special gift for Christmas !

     Peter made a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, even though I couldn’t eat much. We enjoyed decorating for Christmas and seeing some antique cars :-)  It is always a joy to see the believers once again in their church. 

     Back in France, the annual Regional Evangelical Meeting that Faith and I began many years ago met again in Clermont-Ferrand.  It is a time of sharing news, praying and having a meal together with small New Testament style churches spread all over the heart of France.  None have full time paid pastors.  Pray with me for the men who freely give of their time to study, preach and teach God’s Word.

     One meeting is very dear to my heart.  The church in Moulins continues to grow and the burden of pastoral visits is great.  Pray with me that more men will help Bruno, a full time high school math teacher, in this vital and often difficult ministry.

     As we enter this special season to celebrate the Lord’s birth, let’s remember that it’s all about Him.  Meeting at the Lord’s Table in Grace Chapel has been a special time for me this year.  I’m usually on the mission field, but the Lord has seen fit to have me here.  Worship is what He wants, so where ever we are that can always be our priority !

                  In Christ's matchless Name,                                           

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