The 2014 trip below is over but, you might want to pray about 2017 !

Lord willing, I will be able to offer a similar trip through France  in JUNE 2017, at the end of the school year for Emmaus Bible College.

Let me know if you are praying about it.

Spring tour of assembly work in France - March 7-16, 2014

 Travel with Paul Howland to meet French believers and see what God is doing in France.

Come with us on an amazing trip that will change your life !

Sign up using the "Contact us" page on this site.

Program : Meet at Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2E at 10h00 on March 8th.

March 8th - Visit Paris in minibus : Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysée for lunch, Louvre, Sacré Cœur, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter for dinner & night at Hotel Première Classe.

March 9th - Attend worship service at the assembly "Les Gobelins", lunch in the "Jardin de Luxembourg", visit the assembly of "Paliseau" south of Paris, dinner & night at Hotel.

March 10th - Travel to Lyon : lunch with visit of Emmaus Correspondance School, visit assembly "Oasis" in Venéssieux, dinner & Hotel.

March 11th - Visit Lyon in minibus : Roman theater, Basilica of Fouvière, lunch, travel to Montpellier, dinner & Hotel.

March 12th - Lunch on way to Christian bookstore in Avignon, visit assembly in Montpellier, "chez Théo" cyber café for dinner & Hotel on Mediterranean coast.

March 13th - Travel to Bourbon France, lunch in Auvergne, visit assemblies in Vichy and Moulins, dinner & Hotel.

March 14th - Travel to Orléans, lunch, châteaux, dinner & Hotel.

March 15th - Travel to Paris, lunch at Versaille, diner & Hotel at CDG airport.

March 16th - Plane travel to USA.


Cost : You are responsible for your own airfare which runs around $1000 round trip.

You can obtain tickets easily & safely on internet at

Land travel cost : $650 per person (in a 9 passenger minibus, fuel included)

Our own drivers who have a French driver's liscence for extra safety.

Lodging : $450 per Hotel room (3 beds, no extra cost per person) at Première Classe

Each room has its own private bathroom with shower.

Restaurants : $440 per person (typical meal and tip) French Restaurants

Good French cooking for a real experience of the country we are visiting.

Total in single occupancy Hotel room : $1540 maximum

Total in triple occupancy : $1240 maximum


How does it work ?  You can count on these prices to plan your budget, but we will not collect funds nor pay bills to respect the law.  We are not a travel agent.  Bring an international credit card (Visa, MC, etc) to pay as you go.  You will get the best rate of exchange that way.  Remember to add your own souvenir budget to your plans !


Last, but not least, pack lightly !  We only have space for one small suitcase per person in the minivan.  That is all you are allowed now on international flights, unless you want to pay a big extra fee.  Seasoned travelers all travel with the minimum.