Paul & Faith Howland

    Let me introduce our couple.  After the Lord Jesus Christ saved us from sin, He brought us together at PCB (Philadelphia Biblical University).  We were married in 1972 and  were blessed with our first child in 1973 just after graduation.  Assured of  God's call to serve Him in France we lived in Paris for a short time from 1973 to 1974.  We were blessed with a second child in 1976.  By 1981 we were commended to full time work in Christ's service in France by two brethren assemblies in Rhode Island.  You can learn more about us from Christian Missions in Many Lands of New Jersey.


   After six months of language school in Albertville, we served a year and a half in the brethren assembly in Aix-les-Bains, in the Savoie.

   The Lord had called us to pioneer work, so we moved to the center of France in 1983 and began an assembly work in Moulins sur AllierAfter 17 years of evangelism and making of disciples, Deacons and then Elders were appointed.  We entrusted the assembly leadership to godly French believers in the year 2000.  In 2011 Paul had the joy of participating in the appointing of another Elder.  The construction of a new chapel building is in view for 2012.

   In the year 2000 we began serving in Vichy.  The "AssemblĂ©e ChrĂ©tienne de Vichy" is a New Testament type Christian Brethren Assembly located in the heart of France.  It was started many years ago by the parents of Priscilla (Hoy) Kalioudjoglou.  Trifon and Priscilla served there for over 35 years as did many others for different periods of time.  Many were saved and have gone on to serve the Lord, but by the year 2000 there were only 4 in attendance and one was not a believer ! We answered the call to "come over and help"  as in Acts 16v9.

  The assembly is growing once again as the Lord adds to the church those He is saving.  I appointed Deacons in February 2010.  I named a "Titus missionary team" of two qualified brothers to name Elders when the Lord provides qualified men.  We had to leave France in October 2011 for health reasons.  Faith was in her third year of treatment for cancer.  She passed into the presence of the Lord on July 12, 2012.

   I am now serving the Lord from my legal residence in Phoenix, Arizona & my home in Thiel, France.  My latest ministry news is here...

FAQ you might want to ask...

> What exactly is my mission ?

     #1 To teach and do evangelism (soul winning).

          How do you get started ?  How do you "draw in the net ?"  How can you do "follow up".

     #2 To teach basic Bible study (All the Bible in its Context).

         How can you do "inductive Bible study" ? What are some good "tools" ? How should I teach ?

     #3 To teach New Testament principles of meeting (assembly objectives).

         What is the purpose of an "assembly" ?  What are the "rules" God has given ?

     #4 To teach Biblical missions (the call, purpose and means).

         How do I know if I am "called" to be a missionary ?  How does it all work ?

> What is my field of service ?

     #1 France, where I live for 6 months (-1 day) every year.

          My passion is to lead others to Christ in France.

          I have an itinerant ministry of teaching personal evangelism in the French assemblies.

          Other assembly works in Europe have sollicted my teaching ministry.

     #2 North America, where I go "A Cross America with Christ" in a 1932 Dodge each year.

          All the assemblies I have visited have expressed a need for this kind of ministry.

          As I travel, the Lord has brought many people across my route to lead to Him.

> Who hired me to do this ?

     I am not salaried by CMML nor anyone else (I often get that question !)  The Lord clearly called me to be a missionary to France in 1964, 53 years ago.  He has always provided for His work in His way, so I count solely on Him as He has leds me in this ministry.

> Why do I still speak often about Faith ?

     The Lord called us both to serve Him in France and the pioneer work we did over 30 years was as husband and wife as well as best friends and co-workers.  I could not have done it without her.  I feel it is important to talk about this aspect of missions as we apply God's Word to our lives.  That makes my experience a helpful part of learning about missions.  Faith and I are no longer married as that ends with death, but she is still my sweetheart !

If you would like me to come to your assembly, just drop me an email by clicking on this link.

Here are three links to files you can download from this site for a Power Point Presentation of the work the Lord called us to do in France.  Put them all in the same folder on your computer for the audio to work with the pictures.

Our Mission since 1973

Audio 1

Audio 2